Sunday, 13 December 2009

Donna's quilt (1)

So tonight I suddenly know what I want to do for Donna's daughters baby quilt.  Unlike quilting for fun, this one has a deadline.  Baby is due in January.  Donna would like her quilt by the end of term.  That's Friday.


But it's ok.  I have a plan.

It's a good plan, sketched on a whiteboard.  I like it.   The materials are these:-

 They were on my table, now they are cut.  What is in the big bag behind them?

You may well ask, Dear Reader, you may well ask.

I had some kind of brain melt down after the inquest, and bought 20 square metres of batting.  20.

I know I'll use it, but still......

Anyway, this is as far as I have got with the quilt tonight.  Cut 5inch squares, made HST's from them, using a colour with a pale pale pink gorgeousness.

I was going to iron them tonight, but I'm a tad tired, so I'll leave it I think!

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