Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The beginning of Emily's quilt, and Log Cabin Blocks

Here's the photos I said I would post, from a million years ago. Or last week, depending on your view of time.

Emily's quilt has gone from this.....

..... to this. Today I pieced the 9 patches, cut the big blocks, and stitched it all together. The lighting is weird because it's the video camera, not the ordinary camera but you can imagine if you try hard, what the colours from photo 1 look like in photo2!

These are the log cabin blocks I made yesterday at the quilt class, using the stitch and tear stuff. It's good.

And as an example of the lighting issue, these are the blocks in the front room.

These are they in the living room. They are on the arm of the sofa, so you may need to twist your eyes 90 degrees.

Or just look as they are.

And finally, this is the reason I didn't finish marking papers the other night. Fat Cat (who looks incredibly fat in that picture - there's one for the kitty fridge!) sprawled all over them. And then when I moved them, sprawled again. I took the hint and sat on the sofa with him and the man instead.
And the philosophy? Maybe it isn't philosophy, maybe it's just a way of being, but I am calm. So calm.

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