Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Chickenpox 1

Tuesday? Wednesday?

What day is it?

I have no idea! (Ok, I looked at the calendar. It's Wednesday. Who knew?)

I love being at home and we have a sparkly clean kitchen, bathroom, lounge and I'm doing the dining room today. OR maybe upstairs. But I love being at home when I have the choice to walk somewhere else. Right now, I don't.

But shhhh!

I think I am all scabbed up! I'm going to take the child to school. We won't speak to anyone, and we won't touch anyone, and we won't breathe on anyone, and it'll be fine.

Today has been a weird enough day already without the oddness of being stuck inside, completely. I walked about 1,300 steps yesterday, instead of my usual 5,000 ish. Not good lol!

I can't say more about this morning until I have debated the legal ramifications. But I was in a stinking mood for a while, until the sheer ludicrousness of the situation made me laugh. I'm in a much better mood now - in fact, I'm totally chilled.

Yesterday I made.....

It's come out small, but that's ideal for a test piece for machine quilting, which is what I want it for. I love this hobby, and I love the fact that R and AC really liked this. Apparently, it looks like a "real quilt"!

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