Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The Canadian Quilt

So this is the quilt done. It's only a square baby sized one, and more for lying on than tucking up with, but it's small enough to drag around as a toddler, and big enough to lie over a poorly 6 year old's legs.

Yeah, I'm planning on her liking it a lot lol! I'll never know though, because it's for a friend to take to Canada with her for a child's christening present! It does feel odd just to make it and let it completely go though.

I had to stand on the table to take these pictures, so you can see my little size 3 (uk) feet on here, as well as the most gorgeous butterfly fabric. It's quilted through to a layer of pink, and then the butterfly was put on right sides together, stitched almost all the way around, then turned out the right way and hand stitch the gap closed.

I like doing little people quilts this way, because then a) all my mistakes are hidden lol!, and b) there is no chance of loose threads to catch small fingers and toes.

And I've decided to stick it into the blog festival, because.... why not! The way I'm going, I might even make myself a proper quilting blog! If you came here from the blog festival then *waves* I'm dropping by as many as I can!

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  1. What a pretty little quilt. It's hard to let go of them sometimes isn't it.